Employees can be some of the most valuable sources of innovative ideas.

With thousands of people working with your clients, or working with processes and technology every day the collective ideas of these colleagues can be a valuable source of insight, especially at the ‘ideation’ stage of innovation.

Workometry is ideally placed to be able to canvas the ideas of a wide section of your employee population and then summarise tens of thousands of suggestions. We can use our models to identify pockets of the organization where issues are most acute, or geographies where a certain change is needed. We can even use the technology to help you find the rare, unique ideas that can provide the greatest value.

Significant proportions of our clients use Workometry to continually improve their businesses. Some of the recent questions they’ve asked include:

  • What could we do to improve customer experience in our stores? (Global retailer)
  • ‌How could we improve our performance management process? (Biotech)
  • What could we do to ensure the Christmas trading period is a success? (Retailer)


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