Open questions are the answer

We believe that the best quality information comes from asking open questions. The text answers this provides are richer, have context and are much easier to act upon.
Workometry provides an optimal way of making decisions based on large volumes of text data. For us open feedback is the core of our offer, not an add-on.


Specific models outperform general models

We believe that context is vitally important to understand text. Workometry is unique in that our text classification models are built specifically for each clients’ organization and question.
These specific models are more accurate, and more useful, than generic text classification models.


The topics we identify are your topics

Each classification model is built from the data your respondents provide. Workometry first reviews your answers to identify the key themes. We look at answers that are closely related on a semantic basis. The technology then builds a classification model based on these themes linked with our understanding of how employees answer questions - for example often using short phrases instead of full sentences.
This approach enables us to learn the way your employees talk. We learn company jargon and business-specific issues. As we see more of your data the accuracy further increases.

Our products

We offer two separate tiers for our clients to choose from. A full-featured Workometry product, or a stripped back version for companies who have an existing survey operations capability.


Workometry Lite

For clients with existing enterprise survey operations capability we are able to offer our class-leading open-text analytics capability as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service. As a standard service clients provide the question they’ve asked and their open-text answers and we return the results of the categorisation. Further reporting and analysis options are available upon request.

For clients with repeated, or always-on questions, once a custom-model is created we can code new answers in real time, via an API call, or quickly via a data upload. A custom model usually is ready within a few hours.



Workometry is our employee feedback platform. It enables clients to ask for the ideas and opinions of all its staff, primarily as open questions, analyses the text responses using advanced statistical and machine learning models and then visualises the information to drive appropriate action.

Workometry has a permission-based access system so that all managers are able to view and understand their own data in a way that ensures respondent confidentiality. It also provides secure, personalised distribution of custom analysis and reports.

Which is right for you?

Workometry Lite Workometry Full
Target market • For Organizations with existing enterprise survey capability‌
• For People Analytics teams who need to incorporate text in their analysis
For Organizations who want a simple-to-use enterprise employee feedback tool.
Advisory & Consulting
Question design
Feedback strategy and planning Optional Optional
Collect Feedback
Email invitations & reminders
Provide survey on shared technology
Mobile optimised
Secure access / respondent identification via SSO
Analyse responses
Answers coded for each question
Custom analysis by one of our data science team Optional Optional
Report results
Interactive reporting
Automated pdf reports Optional Optional
Secure report distribution
Secure delivery of individual coded statements Optional
API available for coded questions
Project management
Survey set-up
Operational support / helpdesk for employees
Enterprise capability
Access to reporting via SSO
Ability to select location of data centre (from list)
Usage charges

Got any questions?

We'd be happy to answer them and we'd love to show you what you can do with Workometry.