Employee voice

Employee Voice is the process of giving employees a greater say in the decision making in their firms. 

The CIPD describe the benefits of Employee Voice include:

Benefits for employers
With a greater voice for employees:

  • employees’ skills and knowledge can be better used, leading to higher productivity, greater innovation and solutions to problems
  • employees feel more valued, so they are more likely to stay and to contribute more
  • conflict is reduced and co-operation between employer and employees is based on interdependence
  • organisational effectiveness can be improved by listening to staff who interact with clients and customers day-to-day.

Benefits for employees
Employees benefit from:

  • having more influence over their work
  • higher job satisfaction
  • more opportunity to develop skills
  • improved well-being.

Traditionally formal structures were necessary to enable the communication and synthesis necessary for enabling a successful Employee Voice approach. Unfortunately these hierarchical communication channels are never optimal, creating issues like seen in the game of Chinese Whispers where only some opinions get heard.

Workometry significantly flattens these channels, increasing effectiveness. Our algorithms are designed to identify and group a wide range of opinions giving executives a light-touch way of canvassing and understanding the views and ideas of all their employees in a very short time period.



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