Employee engagement

The Workometry approach to employee engagement emphasises effective action-taking and bottom-up, as well as top-down changes.

Traditional engagement surveys do not capture enough context for managers to act effectively - or confidently - on the data alone. This is why so often the next step after conducting a survey is to run a series of focus groups.

Workometry flips the process of the survey. By asking qualitative open questions first, managers typically have enough data to make an effective decision without additional research. This dramatically shortens the time to action, essential for a modern, frequent ‘pulse’ survey methodology.

The data that clients receive is based upon the answers that their employees provide, not some generic model. Typically we find that 30% of the answers reflect issues that wouldn’t be captured in a standard engagement survey.

We can compress a traditional engagement survey to 4 or 5 questions questions taking less than 5 minutes to complete. As employees are able to say exactly what is top-of-mind they have a much strong feeling of being heard, which, given an appropriate post-survey communication, can in itself increase engagement.



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