Workometry's ability to identify subtle messaging from large volumes of employee feedback is particularly useful to address difficult issues like diversity.

Several clients have used Workometry to understand diversity issues. There are two ways that they have done this:

  • By asking questions relating to the barriers to diversity and how employees recommend they are rectified

  • By comparing the text answers that different groups provide and using the differences to generate understanding.

Text responses are much more detailed and granular than other survey responses. In our experience many of the issues identified in diversity work is subtle. Each individual response may look unique but by using algorithms to identify trends across large volumes of feedback these subtle patterns can be identified.

For example, our experience is that many of the initiatives that companies have historically implemented to address gender diversity challenges are the initiatives that concerned male managers believe are the ones that will be successful. By using Workometry to understand all employees’ views, not just small groups, a robust, data-driven approach to tackling diversity issues can be created.




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