Change management

Traditional change management often seemed like pointing in your chosen direction and hoping you’d hit the target

Feedback is critical for large, complex change projects. It’s rare that change is simple. Different stakeholder groups adapt to change in different ways and external factors might mean your direction needs adapting through the process.

Workometry is used by internal and external consulting teams throughout the change process as a way of providing input and validation of the approach. In particular clients have had notable successes:

  • Using Workometry to gather issues and ideas during the ‘ideation’ stage of the project. Gathering a wide range of opinions and suggestions and then using sophisticated analysis to identify hotspots of opinions can quickly focus projects. It also enables time spent in valuable executive interviews to be focused on key issues.
  • Workometry can be deployed throughout the change process to understand perceptions to change, identify blockages and find stories to communicate success. Several clients use Workometry to measure success, especially when KPIs are perception based.

The ability to ask open questions about any topic and to understand thousands of responses in a very short time makes Workometry uniquely positioned for this work.



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