What do you want to know?

If you really want to know you ask an open question.

Senior leaders use Workometry to understand their employees’ ideas, gather feedback and identify effective action on a range of topics.


Employee Voice

Workometry can be an important part of an employee voice strategy, significantly reducing cost & improving flexibility compared to traditional approaches.


Workometry clients learn what really differentiates different groups by understanding their needs, experiences and aspirations.


Employee engagement

Workometry provides fresh insight to enable employee engagement surveys to drive effective, targeted change.

Change management

Internal and external consulting teams use Workometry to collect and analyse qualitative data at scale. It fits into a general trend of digitalisation of consulting.


Employee experience

Giving employees the chance to explain their experiences in their own words is a key requirement of enabling a culture of continual improvement.


Clients are using Workometry to generate and understand thousands of ideas from all employees and identify the most innovative suggestions.