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Workometry is an augmented intelligence analysis service to make sense of open text. Our goal is to enable executives to use large volumes of multi-lingual employee feedback to make effective, timely decisions with as little bias as possible.

We do this by applying advanced machine learning, complemented with domain expertise, to identify important patterns and insight in the data. We achieve the performance of skilled qualitative researchers in a fraction of their time and cost.



Context is key

To achieve our class-leading accuracy we use the context of the question to better interpret the answers. By rapidly building question-specific models we give you the flexiblity to ask and understand any question. This approach ensures we capture more of the information more accurately.


Learning your language

Unlike almost every other text analsis solution we don’t try and fit you into a general solution. We understand that each client and each question provides unique context. Our algorithms constantly learn how your employees speak, the jargon they use and the customers you serve.


Designed for employees

Workometry was designed from the outset for employees not customers. As one of the earliest People Analytics firms we have a deep understanding of using data to reveal insight about employees across the full time they are with you. The way that we store and structure the data we receive is fundamentally different to how most customer surveys are architected.


Summaries, not keywords

You can’t understand a book by just reading the index. Neither can you understand feedback by just looking at keywords. Workometry summarises the statements into context-rich statements that enable you to understand not only what they are talking about, but how they are describing it.

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An award-winning product

Workometry enables you to capture, understand and interpret large volumes of verbatim feedback.


Like having an expert review their suggestions

Workometry’s class-leading, proprietary augmented intelligence enable you to make sense of tens of thousands of ideas regardless of the language in the same way skilled analysts do. We not only will summarise suggestions but we’ll also help find the rare, inspirational ideas which might be your next blockbuster.



Senior leaders use Workometry to understand their employees’ ideas, gather feedback and identify effective action on a range of topics. Explore some of the ways our clients have used Workometry.


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