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Understand your



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Workometry captures regular feedback from your employees at various touchpoints. Clients are using it for large-scale monthly pulse surveys, to understand employee experience at various points on the employee lifecycle and for self-initiated team reviews.


Our focus is on collecting as rich data as possible. This means letting employees express their feelings in their own words. They can do this on

whatever device they choose. We design to fit into the way your employees work.


The feedback they provide is instantly available as part of a huge data store designed to enable sophisticated People Analytics.

Interpret text at scale

Our sophisticated text analytics engine automatically interprets the feedback in real time, identifying the key topics and the context in which they’re used.


We train our models for each question, ensuring a level of accuracy not possible with general approaches. Feedback can be in multiple languages yet interpreted and analyzed together.


Graphical models can be used to understand co-occurrence between topics to understand the comments in even greater context.


Interactive data visualization enables HR and business leaders to drill down to individual comments and follow-up as needed.

Target action quickly

Workometry is designed to link large amounts of feedback data with data from your HR and business systems. It then uses machine learning techniques to identify hidden patterns in these massive sets of data, enabling you to focus action to where it’s most needed.


The way that we store data, building longitudinal records of event, demographic and perception data at the individual level enables us to get a deeper understanding of what causes individuals to change engagement over time.


Our focus is on answering critical business questions, not merely reporting data. As People Analysts we designed Workometry to support the most sophisticated predictive analytics.

A culture of listening

To get the most out of a powerful technology such as Workometry requires a fundamental rethink in how an organization responds to feedback. The old top-down approach isn't suitable in a world where there is a constant stream of information.


Our team of highly experienced change specialists guide clients through the changes required by continuous listening. We recognize that each client requires a different balance between needing supporting resources and hands-on help.


Our aim is to upgrade the capabilities of your organization to best use this technology. We work with your team and managers to help them understand how to act on data insights and how to communicate results through the organization.


The end state is almost always the same. To create a culture where employees value providing feedback and leaders value receiving it.

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